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Property Management


Rental Property Types

For the past 6 years, we have been managing everything from individual condo units to large multiplex homes. We can ensure that your property or unit is taken care of with professional consistency either through management, corporate relocation or both services.

        Single Family Homes

        Condominium Units

        Multi Family Properties

        Investment Properties

        Furnished and Unfurnished Rentals

        Executive Homes and Suites

Our team of property specialists will advise you on how to maximize profit for your investment property. We're owners too, we want our properties full and respectfully tenanted for the value its worth and we that is what we strive for on every lease we execute.

Our Property Marketing Services Include:

+ Comparative Market Analysis

With our 

+ Tenant Placement (Corporate Relocation)

We specialize and work exclusively with corporate relocation agencies and clients that are seeking to place their employees into the Greater Toronto Area. Although we conduct a thorough screen of every tenant, our 



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